Dual Nature

Did you know…

That flowing from the dual nature of our life force, and from the dual nature of disturbances to our state of health, there are two laws of cure in nature?

Two Types of Disturbances = Two Types of Laws of Cure

Disturbances to the sustentive side of the life force produce a disorder. Thus, insufficient Vitamin C or any other substance essential and necessary to the healthy functioning of life within us, will create a disorder in the healthy metabolic processes that depend on Vitamin C. Such imbalances, or disorders, can be corrected by simply supplying what is missing. The same applies in the case of something we are taking too much of, such as coffee or alcohol; the corrective measure is to reduce out intake to the level the organism can handle and is also healthy for it. These actions, in which we increase what is deficient and reduce what is in excess is known as the law of opposites.

Disturbances to the generative side of the life force produce a disease. A disease cannot be removed by simply increasing or reducing some substance or activity, as in the case of a disorder. A disease is akin to an impregnation, and requires a different action, according to a different law. This is known as the law of similars. Thus, if you are stung by a bee, an appropriate dose of the bee venom will remove or cure any disease created by the sting. If you are poisoned by a chemical or a drug, similarly, any disease engendered by such products (as they are synthetic poisons), can be removed by an appropriate dose of the chemical or drug itself. This is the law of similars and often referred to in such expressions as ‘fighting fire with fire,” “set a thief to catch a thief,” and “the hair of the dog that bit him.”

The law of similars works on the basis of resonance, so we could also call it the law of similar resonance. Resonance is not a function of crude matter, but of energy, just as in the case of love. Thus, it is the dynamic or energetic nature of a medicine that must resonate with the dynamic nature of a similar disease. And at the level of energy, two similar energy waves or patterns cancel each other out. This is seen, for example,  in the case of running signals through a pair of twisted wires – the signal disappears, as the one cancels out the other.

This energetic nature of disease and the action of medicines is also crucial to the safe use of the law of similars. Use of crude doses can be harmful and dangerous, but when medicines are used not in crude but dynamic and energetic form, they are quite safe.

Two Types of Treatment

Treatment for disorders we categorize under the term ‘regimen’, which consists of activities or specific regimental agents, such as diet, exercise, physical manipulation, as well as herbs, supplements, etc. Most of the natural health field falls into this category of seeking to remove symptoms by re-balancing what is judged out of balance.

Treatment for disease is categorized under the term ‘medicine’, which consists of using certain agents, called medicines or medicinal agents based on the law of similars.

So, how can we determine which medicine is similar to which disease? Part of the answer lies in the fact that there are two fundamental types of disease, but that is a topic for our next blog. Stay tuned!

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