Rudi’s Message of Thanks

To All Those Celebrating Thanks-giving on This Day,

To give thanks is a primordial and powerful human action. It involves gratitude, praise and confession all in one:  gratitude for creation, praise for one’s Creator and acknowledgement as a creature of the Creator’s creation.
The ancient Hebrew for thanks-giving, yada, ידה has the sense of a life-giving power meeting a resistance, which is also the door to greater life, life more abundant. Whether the door stays closed or opens lies in the actions of the heart and mind of the thanksgiver, for it is an objective action one must undertake – to give thanks. The ancient Greek word for thanksgiving comes from the primary verbchairo (χαιρω), to be in a state of gratitude, praise and acknowledgement, or grace – ‘thanks’ (charis), as well as the primary noun eus(εμς), meaning good in the sense of fruitful completion, or objective desideration.
Thus, thanks-giving is a conscious celebration of life and your power to engage fully, with gratitude and praise, the wonder of that life despite the many resistances you may encounter. Your thanks-giving is a profound act of acknowledgement of a higher and greater power and wisdom, and therein lies the key to opening the door to a life more abundant and into a peace that passes all understanding.Our thanks we give as well, on this, as on each and every day, for all those we know, are known by, and have known.

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